Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcoming Spring with Class Dojo

Hello, sweet friends! I am beyond excited to welcome the first weekend of Spring! I absolutely love being outside and enjoying this weather with sweet family and friends. I hope this post will provide you with a new tool to add to your “bag-of-tricks.”

Class Dojo is an amazing app/website to manage classroom behaviors. I have used it during my small group therapy sessions and witnessed it implemented during general education classroom activities/ lectures. My students love it! Here is a quick tutorial of the Class Dojo app and the ways I implement it in my classroom.

You’ll begin by creating a user name and password. Once you enter the app, you will be able to assign a “name” to your class (i.e., “Mrs. Newsome’s Class.) Since I see multiple students each day, I entered them by grade level. For this tutorial, I used a few of our wonderful friends from Collaboration Connection.  

You can add your students by selecting, “Create Class” and then, “Students.” Here you will also have the option to customize the positive and negative behaviors that you will track for each student.  

Enter your students’ names and customize their avatar. Initially, I select the avatar for each student and then allow them the option to change their avatar once they have accumulated a certain number of “Dojos” or points.

Once you have added your students, you have the option to customize the positive and negative behaviors you wish to track. I added a “behavior” for students that remember to bring their speech folder/homework and for generalizing their strategies to best accommodate my therapy sessions. Positive “Dojos” will add points, while negative ones will subtract points.

Now you are ready to distribute “Dojos!”

Select your class, then “Start Class.”

When you want to give a “Dojo,” select the student. You will be given the option to give a positive or negative “Dojo.” Points will accumulate in the corner for each student. 

At the end of the day, you can generate a report for the points distributed throughout the day. I have a poster in my room with different prizes that the students can receive based on the number of points they acquire.

This app/website can be accessed via Android or Apple device and/or computer. I absolutely love this system to help manage classroom behaviors and the students do as well! For a more in depth tutorial, visit:

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy using Class Dojo!    

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