Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tardy to the Party!

Howdy Friends!

My name is Autumn Zaminski and I am a first grade teacher in Pennsylvania. I am about a month tardy to this collaboration party, but I am here now and willing to make up for it!

To start I would like to tell you a little bit about me, and then we will get down to the fun teacher stuff!

So this is me below!

This summer I married the man of my dreams! I went from being known as Miss Proctor in the classroom to Mrs. Zaminski. I absolutely love spending my life with Davey, and I truly enjoy being his wife. I got very lucky. He embraces my crazy teacher ways! He even sometimes helps!! Any neat thing in my classroom that required physical labor was made my him! :)

One job that I absolutely love is being a big sister to this little guy! My little brother Michael is my heart and soul. We are 13 years apart. I loved him the second he came into this world and I will continue to love and support him forever. I am looking forward to spending our summer together this year! I am sure I will be sharing some of our summer adventures with you this summer!

Next to being a wife, sister, and daughter, I am a TEACHER!
Here is a quick view of my classroom. Now understand that this was way back in August… so if you are anything like me, this arrangement has changed more times then I can count!

So now to the fun teacher stuff… 

I have been super busy lately! We have been learning about questioning. We started with fiction text..

Then we started to question using non-fiction topics. We started with penguins and the students were so excited! We created schema folders to group our questions. 

Then we conducted research to find the answers to our question!

Then the last few weeks we have been creating a digital class book! 
We created our class book using this app called Book Creator. It is AMAZING!!

Here are some sample pages from the book. The students and I searched the internet to find photos they they liked. We even learned how to cite our photos! If you want to know more about this detailed process check our my latest blog post! First Grade Teacher Lady

 All the text in the book is written by the students. It is all information they learned from their research! 

I am currently working on a lesson plan/unit to explain how I taught all of this! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me! I look forward on chatting with you on the 13th of each month! 



First Grade Teacher Lady

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