Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello & Happy Spring!!!!

Heyyy! Kayla here from Meet Miss Parker! I am so excited to be a part of this collaboration with some amazing teachers. I am also very happy to be posting for the first time! First off, let me give you the quick intro....

24. Newly graduated (well somewhat). Rhode Island. LOVE where I live. Intervention teacher & substitute (all-star sub that is ;-) ). TpT, Pinterest, DIY, Shopping = obsession. You won’t see me without a coffee in the AM. I <3 my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and my two fur babies, Bam Bam and Teddy.

 Home is so important to me and I absolutely LOVE where I live! 

This picture just makes me happy! My family and friends are everything to me! 

 Now that you have gotten to "know" me, I have to just say HAPPY SPRING! Oh Em Gee has it been the longest. winter. ever!!! I am so ready to get back into warm weather, bathing suits, the beach, and those warm summer nights. Heck, I would be happy with just sunshine at this point. They are calling for more snow here next week! Ughh! So done with the snow! 

The weather outside might not look much like spring or summer, but creating this freebie definitely helped me escape the fact that it's 34 degrees out there. Be sure to head over to my store to grab yourself a copy of this freebie! 

Click HERE for your own copy of this freebie!

Be sure to check back this week for more freebies and amazing blog posts by the other blog authors! Also, have something in mind that you want us to blog about? Comment below with some suggestions and ideas! We would love to hear from you! 
Kayla from Meet Miss Parker

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