Saturday, February 8, 2014

Introducing... Emily!

Hello everyone!  I get to come over here and share about myself today.  My name is Emily and my home blog is I Love My Classroom.
  A little about me... well, I have been teaching for 14 years in Northern California.  I have worked in 3 different school districts, and taught everything from K-8th in some form or another.  Yes, you read that correctly.  K,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, SDC, Science Specialist, and General Ed... My first 5 years of teaching were constantly changing, and I started getting used to switching it up every year - until I was sick of commuting 3 hours a day (while pregnant and with a newborn), and settled in at the school around the corner from home.  In the past 9 years I've worked in 2 grade levels, perfecting what works for me.     

It's been a wild ride though!

As for blogging, well about 2 years ago I started a home blog and realized I love to share what's up with me, my family, and especially my classroom.  This teaching blog started as a branch of the home blog, and then it kind of took over my computer time.  There is so much to share.  I really do love my classroom and the kiddos that I get to work with every day.  <3
My classroom is an engaging place.  One of the best compliments I've ever received have been from OTHER kids that say they wish they were in my classroom.  I know my own little superstars have to love me and think I'm the best teacher ever - but we all know that they feel the need to say that until the next year when they have a new teacher.  It's when other kids come in, smile, and want to stay to visit... That makes my day!  
I believe in organization, but I'm also in the mentality that I choose my battles.  If the floor is going to be a little messy because we decided to have fun during a lesson - well so be it.  It will be cleaned up eventually.  I love my school kiddos almost as much as I love my own boys.  
I am a mommy to 3 boys - ages 9, 7, and 4.  They keep my husband and myself going from morning to night.  It's never quiet unless they are sleeping...  My boys are so different from each other.  I have a future Lego engineer, a future football player, and a little comedian.  I get to bring my oldest 2 to school with me every single morning, and we work on homework every single night.  My youngest attends the speech preschool in town.  He is my child that has taught me so much patience, and that each child learns in their own timing.  
Brother sleep overs are so much fun. 
I lead a full life.  I love my life!  I am beyond blessed being in a career that I have dreamed about since I was 3 years old.  I love my family and my Lord.  I am overwhelmed with the changes that are coming as we adopt Common Core next year (maybe you can relate?).  I am looking forward to sharing with you what I have learned that works, and I'm looking forward to building more friendships through this collaborative blog adventure.  Please stop by and visit me over on my blog, my FB, or on IG.
Have a wonderful day and weekend!!  


  1. I agree about organizing. My counters are crazy this month!

  2. Your sons are precious!! I get to take my son to school with me too, but he is in a different building at our preschool! He entertains and keeps me busy from morning until night as well! We are adjusting to common core tool, so I can't wait to hear what is working for you!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade