Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet the Teacher Tips & FREEBIE!

I have more tips for you today!! This post focuses on meet the teacher night! For some, this can be a bit nerve racking... especially if you're a new teacher! I know my belly still gets butterflies when I meet new parents and students. So, here are all sorts of tips and forms for you!

Be sure to make your classroom stands out from the hallway. It makes it easier for parents to notice your room and for people in the building to direct them to your room.

For example, parents asked where my room was last year and the office said, "The classroom with the balloons at the end of the hallway."

It makes it 'cute' and welcoming for families too.

I also like to make the classroom have a bit of excitement as well! This is what my students desks looked like last year at meet the teacher night!

I provided students with a folder (well, the office did) with important paper work. I created my own informational packet which is what you see on top of the folder with the adorable graphics! I blew up balloons, wrote student names on them and taped them to the table so they didn't fly around. In the green bag there are candies and goodies I got from the party store.

Their tables were neat and clean, but still fun!

Now, I bet your wondering... what is in that packet?!!!!
You're going to get your own editable copy today with the one I completed last year as a reference! SCORE FOR YOU!!

There are cover pages other than 3rd grade. They go from K-4.
In my packet I included a blurb, my contact info, a letter to the student to tell a bit about me, a questionnaire for students to fill out about their child, class list for classroom birthdays and parties and the way I grade in the classroom.

I also included a lot of odds and ends things that parents need to know. I included information about the classroom rules, specials and what kids need to have ready each day, my behavior plan, lunch money policies, homework, volunteers, classroom parties, morning policy, spelling tests and the daily folders.

Then, I had the forms you see below set out on a table for students to fill out WHILE at my meet the teacher night! 

These papers are below the math bulletin board that you see. I had pens set out so parents didn't need to scramble for one.

Are you ready to get your packet going?!! Click below to go to google docs! Download the file and set up your own adorable packet!

Also, don't forget to enter below to win my classroom library stations.

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  1. Thank you for a great resource!!! I appreciate it and can't wait to use it! For meet the teacher, I usually have families come in and fill out paper work and have students take a look around the room. I also have a slide show playing on the smartboard for students to see what they will learn this year along with information about me!

  2. I love this! Our school provides the student with a boring packet full of paperwork to fill out. This would be a more informative packet for the parents.

  3. Love this! THANK YOU for sharing!! Our school gives us the forms that we need to send home and I type up a welcome to my classroom letter! I am going to use this so thank you!! Have a fabulous year Jess!

  4. I try to get all the paperwork filled out!

  5. We don't do a meet the teacher night, but we do Back To School Night after the 4th day back. I'm a first year teacher so I'm not sure yet what we do but I'm sure all these freebies will be so helpful!

  6. I leave a cute treat for both parent and student to get them excited to come back and of course all info they need!

  7. We don't do a meet the teacher and our open house night isn't until November. I will use some of this packet then, but some I will send home with the welcome packet that students get on the first day. A great resource!

  8. I usually have the required paper work for them to fill out... have a little presentation and go over the hand book and answer any questions , let the kiddos find their desk and their goodies :-)

  9. I do an inquiry based learning activity where I place items in a bag that represent me & a number that is special to me. They have to guess what the object is & what the number might mean to me. As well as a short presentation.

  10. For Meet the Teacher night we have a presentation while the children explore the classroom. Each child goes home with a book and pencil. It's just short and informal.

  11. the students get a folder that the office puts together - forms for parents to fill out, etc. i add into that grade level expectations and forms - though not as cute as the ones you have - will use these next year!!! we have our open house a couple of days BEFORE school starts, so students also get to drop off their school supplies.

  12. This year will be my second year for open house/meet the teacher. Last year I was super nervous, and I didn't do anything special. Since I switched to a new school for this year I am giving parents a letter all about me (since it is small close knit area I want the families to feel like they know me). I think I'm also going to give out business card magnets with all my contact info.

  13. Thank you for the awesome resource!! For meet the teacher night my team and I usually put a table in our hallway and meet parents together!

  14. You've just reminded me that I can make all of the meet the teacher forms cute!! Lol :) I have all this clipart that I bought that I can put to good use now ;)
    Learning With Mrs. S.

  15. This is so cute! I would really love to know what fonts you used so when I type in the editable stuff I can make it match. Cuz you know, teachers love matching. :) Thank you!
    Also we don't have a Meet the Teacher (don't get class lists until the day before!) but we have Back to School Night a week or so into the year.

    1. I used Cara Carroll's fonts (volume 3)!

  16. Hi! Love this resource for meet the teacher night!!! I can't seem to type my info into the editable stuff though...what am I doing wrong?! lol

  17. Love this! So cute & helpful! Anyway to add a Welcome to Prek sign?

  18. I LOVE this!!! I would love to edit it with my own info, but not sure how because it downloads as PDF. Any help?? :)

  19. Hi, I was trying to download the back to school freebie and I got a message that its not available anymore! Please tell me you have it!