Tuesday, August 12, 2014

B2S Bag of Tricks - LABEL LOVE!

Hey all! It's Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd here today as part of our Back 2 School Bag of Tricks Blog Series at the Collaboration Connection!

Ok -I'm here today to bring you a not so secret back to school secret that works MAGIC for me in my classroom.  It keeps me organized, maximizing my time, and in turn...HAPPY!

Fire up the printer and the laminator and get ready to get your LABEL ON!!

Here's how I look at it.  A labeled classroom is a happy classroom.  Period :)

I.  Label.  EVERYTHING!!!  I label my cabinets, my bins, my books, my drawers, my folders, my binders, my lists - EVERYTHING!!   It may sound silly, but it truly is such a time saver when you know exactly what you need because then you know exactly where it is!!

And I even labeled everything before I knew how to make my labels cute. . . . flash back to last October to my FIRST TPT PRODUCT EVER. . . .

The ONLY reason I'm even taking the time to mention it is because I'm REPLACING my first TPT product ever with the new and shiny labels I'm about to show you in this post!! . .

Are you ready for this?  No - seriously....  do you think you can handle the ridiculousness that was my first ever TPT freebie?!?! . . .here.  it.  is.

yep.  wow.  I guess I'm proud to say that I've come a long way?!?!

SOOO I'm replacing my "lots of labels" (that doesn't even look centered?!) with my new and shiny classroom labels,  book bin labels and so.  much.  MORE. this year! They  can also BE YOURS to win in our Back to School Bag of Tricks Giveaway!!

My classroom supplies/bins/baskets have been freshly labeled with my new bright classroom labels!
I LOVE the bright brick backgrounds and chevron backgrounds that I've used by Ashley Hughes as well as my favorite Scrappy Kids from Graphics From the Pond on ALL of my labels!! :)

Aren't they just so bright and colorful?!

ANNNND guess what! They come with an editable PPT file for your to ADD YOUR OWN!
Click on ANY of the classroom supply label pictures to see them closer in my shop!

Like I said before - I am a labeling machine.  I'm one of those that has a label for my basket of labels! No seriously! It just saves so much time and is so efficient to not only have everything in its place but to have that place labeled, too!!

Here are my 2 turn in trays as well as my pencil cups all ready to go with their new labels! We switch kids for our reading block, so this year, I'm going with a separate turn in tray just for my reading kiddos. :)  

Also do mostly community supplies in my classroom - it works REALLY well.  We have routines for our routines y'all.  I'm ALLLLL about routines.  So, before too long, my kids are, too! I just have to say "get your white boards and meet me on the floor" annnnd they know exactly how to do that safely - one table at a time - and preparedly within 2 minutes tops.  It's fantastic.  Here are my freshly labeled supply baskets from Really Good Stuff!

Below is a sneak peek of the trays - again from Really Good Stuff - and my daily organizing drawers - from Target!

The trays on top of the drawers I use to toss in whatever needs to head to the copy machine orrrr what I need to grade.  I refuse to let that thing ever be full.  ever.  MUST STAY ON TOP OF GRADING! :) #moretimetoconnectwithyouall!

My days of the week drawers are for my system that I have used for YEARS to organize the copies, materials, read alouds, etc. for each day of the week! AND because I'm a maniac and am usually planned for the week ahead, too....

...in each drawer, there is a folder labeled for the corresponding day of the week.   Monday's drawer has a Monday folder inside.   I put the week's copies in that folder.  THEN as I copy/plan for the UPCOMING week, I put those copies UNDER the folder.  So even though Monday only has one slot, I have 2 weeks' of Monday copies/materials in one place! SOOOO easy to grab come Monday morning - take a glance at my EC planner, and I am good.  to.  GO!

Right next to my trays and drawers I have trays to toss in papers from the day so they NEVER end up on my desk.

ALLL papers must have a place in my classroom immediately!!!

 ... haha soooo I've learned that "to do", "file", "grade" or "copy" make GREAT homes for papers that find their ways to me during the school day and then I do my best to clear those trays at the end of every day! :)

These Highlights magazine holders are also brightly labeled 1-5 and ready for my reading kiddos as well.  I will store each row's interactive notebooks in those bins for easy storing and organization since my reading students do not stay in my homeroom all day nor do they have a desk nor a cubby nor a shelf in my classroom.  PLUS! it's nice for me to grade them 1 set at a time! :) WIN WIN!

Here are just a few more shots of my newly labeled and coordinated drawers and bins in my classroom! 

And lastly - ahh.  I always make too many copies, BUTTT the second I throw that last extra spelling list away, Suzie needs it. 

 Meet.  my *labeled* extras tray.  

 I got this pretty tray at Michaels last summer!  And it has come in handy SO many times this past school year! I can dig through and find extras to hand kids who aren't quite as put-that-paper-where-it-goes-NOW as I am.  Wink :) I usually keep the "extras" until the end of each marking period and then I start fresh! :)

Next up - by popular demand are my book bin labels!! I took literally hundreds of YOUR requests when making these book bins! CHECK OUT WHAT ALL IS INCLUDED!!:

The book bin labels are available in the bright brick pattern as well as the multicolored chevron patterns, too - by Ashley Hughes!! Click any image to take a closer look!

Your book bins should be SET with these labels no matter how you organize them!!  I organize mine by level . . . so here are a few pics of me prepping my own book bins this week! 

These book bins were a steal from the Target Dollar Spot, of course, a few years ago!! :)

WHEW! Labeled out?! I hope not! Because I have a label style freebie for you, that I absolutely LOVE!!  Like - I'm pretty sure that TPT was still uploading my file annnnd I was already at the laminator with this in my classroom.  

SOOO to THANK YOU ALL for being the loving and supporting fans and followers and FRIENDSSS that you are - 

I've created coordinating SCHEDULE CARDS to go with my chevron labels sets . . .FOR FREE!!!

There are 52 different schedule cards for you to use in your classroom! My kids LOVE knowing what is coming up next - they love the predictability just as much as I do, and I ALWAYS have the schedule for the day on the board.  Well - nowww my schedule coordinates with my newly LABELED room!

Didn't these cards turn out darling?! I'm so proud of them!

Feel free to click any of the images to grab a set for your self!! All I ask is that you please leave me some feedback! Oh  and don't forget to PIN any image, too, to be sure and share with your OUR teacher friends!! :)

I hope you have seen something or read an idea that you can snag to help you label and organize your classroom as the new year creeps closer and closer!

Would you like a chance to win my CHEVRON LABELS BUNDLE to get your classroom all neat and organized, too?!?!? Well, you can!!

This Chevron Labels BUNDLE includes:
Chevron Book Bin Labels (editable file included!)

You can win by entering below!! Good luck!! And Happy Labeling!

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  1. I have had basic labeling of a-z book labels handmade and now ugly! I want to redo my labeling and get super duper organized this year! I LOVE your labels! I have been afraid to do Community Supply Sharing" but this year I am going to... Ah! So many goals! I have labeled all of my resources though, this summer, with your I Own It set and have beautiful binders! Yippee!!! Thank you, Ashley! K

    1. Ah I'm so glad to hear that you love my I Own It set and that it has helped get you organized!! :) And seriously - these labels just add a level of "this teacher has her act together" to the classroom, don't they?!?! :) :) Good luck with your goals!!

  2. I love the labels on TPT. I either create my own (boring-yawn) ones or find them on TPT. I absolutely love yours!

    1. Aw thanks so much! I LOVE labeling things in my classroom!! :)

  3. I have address labels that I put my name on and a stamp with my name too. I also label everything!

  4. I have a mix of labels. Some free TPT downloads and some handmade with sentence strips. I would love to have everything match this year. Would love to win!

  5. I use a lot of photographs to label items in my classroom. I makes it super easy for nonreaders to out things back properly. Love your labels!
    Emmy Mac's Class