Monday, August 4, 2014

B2S Bag of Tricks: Classroom Management with {QR Codes}!

Hi friends!!!

I am loving this Bag of Tricks series..aren't you?! I am learning a lot from my fellow collaborators over here and I hope you are too!

My post today is about how to combine classroom management with QR codes! As I am sure we all know, classroom management is KEY to a positive, safe, peaceful, GREAT classroom environment. I have many management techniques that I implement in my classroom from day 1 as well as some that I introduce later in the know around spring break time or so. ;) These range anywhere from Class Dojo, classroom compliments, individual incentives, etc. One of my favorites though is: TABLE points, or SPARKLERS! I originally saw this idea on A Cupcake for the Teacher, who I believe saw it on Beg Borrow Steal. Don't you just love teacher blogs and social media?! Anyways!! I first started with the table sparkler idea, and then got the idea to combine it with QR codes. 

First, I bought these super adorable paint cans from Michaels. I added the table numbers with my cameo. (looove!). They hang just under my calendar. 
Basically, as I am sure you have guessed, my table groups earn a *sparkler* anytime they are: working together as a team, helping each other, staying on task, the first to follow directions, monitoring their voice, etc. I really really love table incentives because it helps a TON with that positive classroom environment. If every student is working with their group to earn sparklers then that equals a perfect classroom right?! Hey, a teacher can dream!! So once a table reaches 10 sparklers they get a special prize. OH: & sometimes I even let a student from that table give themselves that sparkler. They eat that up! They can also lose sparklers...*gasp!*
So how do I incorporate the QR codes? For the prizes of course!! The table who "wins" gets to scan a QR code of their choice..they have to agree. This is never an issue, because they obviously don't know what they are getting until they scan. Ohhhh the suspense! I usually have them scan it under the document camera so that the entire class can see what *pops* up & what they have won! 
I keep my QR codes on a binder ring hanging near the sparklers. Some of the prizes are popcorn party, switch desks with a friend, bring a fluffy friend, and more!
Included in this pack is a tutorial on how to use QR codes, in case you are a newbie!!

Enter to win this pack below!! Make sure you are checking back everyday for more awesome prizes!! Oh, and the grand prize is ahhhhmazing!!! :)
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  1. This is such ban awesome idea!!! I would love to win this because it would be such a great things to have in a classroom!! Making working together and cooperation fun!!!

  2. I would LOVE to win this!! I use brownie points in my classroom and secret walker!

  3. I only have one word for a management tip... Consistency in whatever mgmt tool you use :-)

  4. I use sticker charts and something called "Knock my socks off". It's from Cara Caroll and it uses a clothesline with clothes pins for each table and a sock. Whichever table is doing their best, I'll move the sock to that tables clothes pin and at the end of the day, which ever table has the sock, gets the prize that's inside. This would be something else that I can use to manage my classroom. Sucha cute Iidea!