Saturday, August 2, 2014

B2S Bag of Tricks (decor)

Decorating a classroom can be quite the task. Do I have a theme? Do I not have a theme? How do I label things? Which way works best to organize the materials or library? What will be most inviting for the students?

I don't know about you, but I LOVE decorating my room at the beginning of the year! Choosing where things go, and what will look best is so fun for me! After 9 years of teaching, I have now had three different themes. (Frogs, monkeys, and now neon colors) I have to say, the neon has been a great one because it makes it easier when buying baskets, fabric, or labels! I feel like anything goes! However, I did love the stuffed animals, cute nook areas, and other aspects of a themed room!

To prepare for the new transformation of neon colors, I followed these steps: 

1. Found fabric for my boards and pillows. (my mom makes them!!) I decided to go with black backgrounds on the boards to make the bright colors pop! 

2. Design a decor pack with a variety of things to use. Check it out here: 

3. Raid Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann's etc. for baskets, and other objects that fit my theme. 

4. DECORATE!! This is the best part of preparing a classroom. Although it's tedious, it sure it fun! 

Here is my current classroom full of BRIGHT and FUN colors! 

With that being said, I decided to show you my latest classroom decor packs! With this "trick" you will get to choose whichever one works best for you! Check them out and start thinking about which one you would like to WIN!! :)

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Crystal :)


  1. This year I decided to start with fabric for my BB, and I picked a really cute pink, gray, black chevron pattern from Hobby Lobby. To match my theme this year is chevrons and bright neon colors.

  2. We have a schoolwide nautical theme (all aboard the USS Max). In my class I am primarily using navy blue, lime green, and hot pink. I would love to win your contest! :)

  3. This year I am using bright colors and chevron!!!

  4. We have a schoolwide literacy festival so we always do a big author unit. We also learn about different how different cultures celebrate Christmas.

  5. We always have an open house before school starts, fall planting, gingerbrad making, read across america, and of course end of the year celebrations.