Sunday, August 3, 2014

B2S Bag of Tricks (More Fun Decor!)

Hi all!  It's Carrie from Table Talk with C and C.  It's that time of year where summer is coming to an end and it is time to head back to school!    You walk back into your classroom and the first thing to do is decide how to set up your room and what theme you are going to use to decorate.  That can be a bit overwhelming!  But hopefully some these "tricks" will help you to keep things organized and give you some new options for decor themes.

I LOVE decorating and organizing my room to start a new school year!  At the end of the year, we have to pack up everything, so my room always looks like this when I walk in to start getting ready for the new school year - AHHHHHHH!!!!
Here are the steps I take to get my room set up - 
1.  Set up the furniture first.  Decide where I want the bookshelves, reading table, etc.  (I usually save the student desks for last.)
2.  Organize the classroom library.  
3.  Set up my "teacher space".  (I don't have a desk.  I use my guided reading table as my workspace also.)

Now I can focus on my favorite part - bulletin boards and classroom decor!!  One of my "tricks" that I can't live without is assigning each student a number on the first day of school.  They use this number for everything - check in, turning in homework, finding a clipboard to use, getting mail, lining up, etc.  It makes things soooooo much easier!  

Last year I added washi tape to our mailboxes and homework bins to make them look better.  Then I put number stickers on large binder clips and clipped one to each opening.  Last I laminated colored card stock and taped one sheet into each opening.  

For lunch check in, I created magnets with each student's number.  Students check in for either one of the hot lunch choices or for cold lunch.  Then at the end of the day, the "lunch assistant" moves the numbers back for the next day.

I also use numbers for students to know what their job is for the week.  I don't have a lot of space, so I use the side of my file cabinets to display the students jobs.  And since they are magnetic, it's super easy to switch jobs each week!

Now you can probably tell that our theme is "superheroes".  My students love it and so do I!  So now is your chance to win your own classroom decor bundle.  You have your choice between my superhero bundle or my ladybug bundle.  All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below.  So simple!!
Click HERE for more info.

Click HERE for more info.

This is Caitlin here now!  Carrie and I co-teach together during half the school day.  Carrie and I have been co-teaching for 2 years and are anxious to start our 3rd year together!  We have it pretty good as she is the classroom teacher and I am the special education teacher that comes into the classroom everyday to support literacy {guided reading} and math. Carrie always does an awesome job of setting up her room, making it very kid friendly, functional, and fun to look at!  This summer I decided to take on some classroom decor making myself.  I am hoping to use some of my decor in our resource pull out room to help make it an inviting work space for the kiddos!  I decided to try a jungle safari theme.  Come step into my jungle and explore the wild! 

Click here to get your very own "wild" pack! 

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Be sure to stop back tomorrow for another Back to School Trick and a fun giveaway!!


  1. I never really use a theme - that's why I love these decorating packs. I LOVE the ladybugs because they're the state insect of Massachusetts!

  2. This year my theme is chevrons and bright neon colors.

  3. My theme is bright colors and chevron!!! I never really use a specific theme.

  4. Our school theme is "Welcome Home" so I am using that in my classroom.

  5. My theme is an enchanted forest using bright colors.