Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday

Hi all . . . it's Carrie from Table Talk with C and C.  I thought it might be fun to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a Five for Friday Linky.  (Who doesn't love a linky???  They are always a lot of fun!!)

Our class took a field trip to Shedd Aquarium this week.   We have been studying the habitats so the students were pretty good at determining which areas were freshwater and which ones were saltwater.  Although, I had to remind them that Lake Michigan is not an ocean!  :)

Here are some of our favorite parts of the trip - touching a starfish and seeing the diver swim with a shark and stingray.
 We loved the jellyfish and the penguins.
The interactive information boards were fabulous!!  I loved hearing my students read me facts about the animals we were seeing.  
They were so excited!!
What fun field trips have you taken this year??

This week we started our end of the year testing.  On Monday, our 2nd graders took the MAPs test.  Some of my poor kiddos just struggled with getting questions they couldn't even read because they weren't at their "just right" level (one of them told me it wasn't his "just right" level and asked what he should do).  

How do you help your students when they are struggling or panicking during a test - especially when you can't read any of it to them or help them with any of it?  

Tomorrow is Saturday and that means . . . . Saturdays in Spring - Week 3.  

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We have 22 days of school left. . . . but who's counting?  What are some fun end of the year activities that you do with your students to keep them motivated and learning??

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  1. Congrats for 22 days! I think I am somewhere close to that number! The aquarium looks like a lot of fun!
    :) Dana

  2. Testing is so stressful! Luckily, we don't test until 3rd grade! Sounds like the field trip was a fun time to unwind, though :o) I hope your last 22 days are fun-filled and that they fly by!

    Munchkins Inc