Wednesday, April 23, 2014


{Speech Room Must-Haves}

Hi everyone! I can not believe the school year is almost over, only 32 more days...but who's counting. :) For this post, I thought I would provide a few speech room must-haves for all of my school SLPeeps. These items are perfect for your "end-of-the-year" wish lists or to help get you started at the beginning of next year. I absolutely love these items and use them frequently during my therapy sessions. 
Expanding Expressions Tool (EET) 
Many of my students work on expanding their vocabulary and this is a perfect tool to support this skill. The EET helps students organize their ideas and helps them develop an organized, oral description/ vocabulary definition. The students are taught a "chat" to help them remember each color/meaning. I often scaffold the numbers of colors I present to help build success and effective use of the tool. I recently created EET labels to stick onto activity sheet for home carry-over.  

I absolutely love this game...and my students do as well. This game provides opportunities to target asking/answering questions, vocabulary, turn taking and oral descriptions. Hedbanz also works well with the EET!   

Story Retell Cards 
We are always reading books during therapy sessions. I love to read and books provide so many opportunties to build and develop language (also great for articulation). The story retell cards provide a visual as students retell the story to prompt them to include important story elements. 

Tap Lights
Tap lights provide a simple, fun way to manage turn-taking. Students (or SLP) "tap" the light in front of them to signal that it's their turn or that they are waiting to respond to the question. 

Multiple Meaning & Idiom Cards 
(from Lakeshore)
These cards are a recent discovery, but I love them already! The cards are large (7"x9") and provide a great visual to represent the multiple meaning word or idiom. The cards work well for small group sessions and/or large group instruction. 

If you have any questions about how I use these items during my sessions or have recommendations for my next "must-haves" list, please comment below. 

Let the countdown to summer vacation begin! 

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