Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Showers - Keeping Sane This Time of Year

April Showers bring Allergies???
Keep Calm; it's almost summer.
I'm still in the countdown until Spring Break.  8 more school days...  then I can start thinking about summer break.  I can't wait until summer...  I'm so tired of being busy!

Here are some things that I've planned or am using to keep myself sane this month:

Most Favorite April Activity
My most favorite April Activity would be celebrating Earth Day.  I absolutely love how much fun can be brought into the classroom.  Every year I do stations... this year will be a little different since it falls during my Spring Break, however I'm ready to celebrate.  Last year I adopted a sea turtle hatchling from Sea Turtle Inc.  We did some research and found out different ways that people can help wild animals.  We did different art projects, created poetry, made Earth posters, planted seeds, and formed our own clay CA poppies (which we later painted).  Have some fun!    

Organizing BUNDLE! - Checklist, Blogging Binder AND Tpt Pu
I'm in LOVE!  Ever forget exactly what you have already purchased until it's too late?  I have so many different versions of products.  Some things I absolutely love, some things I kick myself afterward.  
Organize Your TPT Purchases, files, clipart, borders, and
I picked this organizer up from Schroeder Shennanigans in 2nd this past weekend and then spent a couple of hours dragging thumbnails into the editable powerpoint.  At this point it's all still in powerpoint format, just waiting on color ink to be able to print out the "done" pages to add to a binder.

I'm almost done with my Science curriculum for the year.  I'm also almost done with my Social Studies - which means there will be a little extra time in the next weeks to do some of these "fun" but still educational science units.  I already own the Rocks and Minerals unit, but with such a good discount I downloaded this the other day, and have already prepped the weather unit for next week.  I'll share more over on my own blog as I finish up the activities.

I have this thing for Six Sisters' Stuff - their recipes are really good!  I just found their (relatively new since the last time I checked) Honey Balsamic Pork Roast Slow Cooker recipe.  So yummy!  
Need more slow cooker ideas?  Check out my Pinterest board!  I have a lot of food boards - probably don't need this many, but it makes me happy knowing all those things are a click away.  

A bunch of randomness in one post!  Hopefully you found something that can help you.  :)  Have a great day!

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  1. I love cooking with a slow cooker. It makes school nights so much easier!