Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer FAVS!

Hey Friends! I hope you all are enjoying your summer!! My brain is not quite into "back to school" mode I thought I would post about some of my summer favorites!! :)

BUT. Before I do that, I would love to introduce you to the newest blogger in our Collaboration Connection crew!! Jessica from The Teacher Talk is officially on our team! We are so excited to have her. By the way...she is having a fabulous *giveaway* on her blog right now!! I may have donated an item ;) Check it out!

OKAY..if you are like me..summer is going just way. too. fast. I have and still am thoroughly enjoying it! Here are a few of the things that are getting a lot of extra love from me this summer!
1. My iPad!! I have so much more time to check all my favorite blogs! And YES I have read all of those Vegas posts... :( next year! p.s. don't you just LOVE our new blog design!! 
2. Yep. My tennis shoes. I have been hitting the gym a LOT this well as completely changing my eating habits! The Mr. and I decided the summer was the perfect time to start making some changes...I am nervous for school to start, but I know with some dedication I can keep it up!
3. Creating!! I have so many things on my to-do list in this area..but I am almost done with a few projects I have been working on! I am happy for the extra time summer has given me! Don't you just loooove melonheadz?! I sure do!
4. My planner!! Well, duh, I ALWAYS have my planner! I got a new one a few weeks ago, and I just sat down last night to start filling it in! ahhh love it!!
5. And of course..INSTAGRAM. Duh, it is an *all the time* fav..but I love being able to scroll through my news feed at any hour of the day! Love those insta-teachers!!

What are your summer favs?! 

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