Friday, August 8, 2014

Literacy Station Tips!

If you are beginning your journey or revisiting the way you do literacy stations in your classroom then you and I are on the same page! This summer I've been reading and collaborating with other teachers and through that I've gathered a few tips. The tips are not earth shattering, but, they're very logical and great to remember as you get started and continue!

First and foremost--set up a spot in your room that clearly displays the literacy station rotation schedule.
This was my rotation board for my first graders last year: 

This year, my board is going to look different and not so 'daily 5ish' Nothing against daily 5; I'll just be teaching third grade this year and won't have the time to have a lengthy station block like I did last year (broken heart).
(I had all intentions of setting one up for you-but, I just haven't gotten to this part of my classroom decor yet. So, in the meantime a digital copy will have to do.)

Overall, there will be a total of 12 different stations. Each student will visit two stations a day. My stations this year are going to be very low maintenance because they're so content driven and well, because there are 12! :)You can grab the station cards here.

 Below are two of the resources I will be using for buddy reading, read to self and spelling station.

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 Now, that we've scratched the surface of the rotation chart... let's be reminded of some important information that we must remember as we implement meaningful literacy work stations in our classroom throughout the year.

I recently heard this quote too that goes PERFECTLY with all of this!

Last year, I'll be totally honest... I didn't make my stations authentic, intentional or personal each week. Did my students enjoy stations? Yes...sometimes. Was the work beneficial?  Yes. Did I provide choice? NEVER!! I was scared and like... how do you do that? This is my personal goal this year--to follow these three words just explained above. I hope this is helping you too.

To leave you I have just a list of tips to also keep in mind this year!

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  1. This is my first year trying literacy stations and your post was amazing to read! You have so many great resources and tips and tricks. Thank you!

    The Price of Teaching

  2. Thank you for the tips and tricks to remember! :)

    Kayla in the Classroom

  3. I do reading, writing, word work and computer stations. Great giveaway!

  4. I would love to implement more stations...right now we have writing and word work.

  5. We have brand new curriculum this year so our centers will look different!

  6. We have centers for reading and writing activities.

  7. I use the Daily 5 Centers .. your tips are extremely helpful .. Thank you :-)

  8. I do reading, writing, and spelling. :) I enjoyed reading this post! Thanks!