Thursday, June 19, 2014

Literacy Fair!

What a year!

My school year officially ended today, even though I still have more moving and unpacking to do in my new classroom, and three (count ‘em) workshops next week. That’s okay. I can still say I’m on Summer Break!

My fourth grade team ended the year in a big way: We hosted a Book Fair (otherwise known on Pinterest as a Literacy Fair)!

Our students picked out their favorite “Good-Fit” book from this year that they already read. Over the course of a week, we worked on completing a graphic organizer together in class.  The organizer gave students everything they needed for their tri-fold boards to help them “sell” their book to their classmates, and even to the third graders who came for a sneak-peek into fourth grade! {Since I didn’t create the organizer, I’m not able to share it here. It included the following categories: book title, author, illustrator, setting, author’s purpose, theme, main characters, conflict, plot summary, their recommendation, and a twist on the conflict resolution: students wrote it in the form of a question to entice their classmates to read more!}

Once students brought home their finished organizers, they used a little bit of construction paper and glue, a lot of imagination, and they created some real masterpieces! We encouraged family participation, and were not disappointed!

These are just a few of all the great book displays kids made!

Amy Marie



  1. That is such a cool idea. Did the students bring their own tri-fold board, or did the teachers supply them? How much class time did you give them to work on it? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm curious and want to try something like this next year.

  2. I love these! I'm passing along a link to this post to my friend. These projects turned out so fabulous!
    Rowdy in First Grade